Celebrating Tradition: Highlights from the Annual Ottawa Firefighters Reunion Dinner

Highlights from the Annual Ottawa Firefighters Reunion Dinner

A Night of Tradition and Music

So, I’m here with Paul, and we just performed tonight at an event that holds a special place in our hearts: the Annual Reunion Dinner put on by the Association of The Ottawa Firefighters. This event is a long-standing tradition, and this year was no exception in terms of its grandeur and emotional impact.

Highlights from the Annual Ottawa Firefighters Reunion Dinner
Highlights from the Annual Ottawa Firefighters Reunion Dinner

Ottawa Fire Services Band Takes the Stage

The Ottawa Fire Services Band was the highlight of the evening, bringing a mix of formal ceremony and lively entertainment. We kicked off the night with a vibrant performance, designed to warm up the crowd and set the tone for the evening.

Musical Highlights

One of the standout moments of our set was an original musical composition written specifically for the band. This piece drew applause and set the stage for what was to follow. In a turn of playfulness, we energized the room with a rendition of the ever-popular tune “YMCA,” which truly got everyone on their feet.

Honoring Our Heroes

As always, one of the most touching parts of the night was the tribute to our fallen firefighters. This year, we honored about a dozen heroes who have passed since the last reunion. The solemn performance of the “Last Post” was a poignant reminder of the sacrifice and bravery of our comrades.

Engaging with the Community Online

For those who couldn’t attend, there are plenty of ways to catch up on what you missed. Visit the Ottawa Firefighters Band website, managed by Preston Stephens. He will be sharing highlights and moments from the evening, allowing everyone to partake in the celebration and remembrance.

An Event Steeped in History

The Annual Reunion Dinner has been a staple of our community for nearly three decades, if not more. It’s a heartfelt salute to our retirees and a chance to connect with both new and familiar faces.

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